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Our challenge
Nowadays, most industrial process companies collect and store their process operating data. Contained within this mutual data are the underlying reasons which explain the variability in key business drivers such as process efficiency, product quality, energy consumption, equipment wear out status, yield and ultimately profit. Using advanced methodologies and proprietary software combined with the client's expert knowledge InTime implements on-line monitoring solutions.

The Company
Over more than 12 years InTime has developed AI (Artificial Intelligence) and knowledge management software with real time decision support capabilities. Over the years we had great success in improving yield, reducing downtime and leveraging the management of organizational knowledge on a variety of industries such as; power generation, utilities, minerals, chemicals and fertilizers. All contributing to major cost reduction and higher profitability. The Company presently works with partners and directly with major accounts delivering process solutions to customers. The Company is located at Omer, Israel and employs an experienced team of software engineers and process and control systems engineers.

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